Sponsors and Patrons

Our Sponsors

The Middletown Symphony Legacy Fund


The Miriam G. Knoll Charitable Foundation


Miami University Institute for Learning in Retirement

Our Patrons

Director's Club Patrons

Bob and BJ Benken
Craig and Carolyn Stoll

William and Rose Marie Stiehl, Emeritus

Jill Brown

Willliam Balmos

Gary and Ruth Claypoole

Andrea and Grant Smiley

Joe and Laura Miner

Chris and Dawn Brandenburg, Emeritus

Platinum Club Patrons

Keith Davidson​

Sam Reynolds

Marilyn Clark

Tim and Teresa Cleary

Mark and Alice Shoemaker

Sandy Zuefle

George and Margaret Zuefle

Bob and Mary Alice Gast

James and Kathleen Steele

James and Barbara Morris

Mary Guiler

Kathy and Roger Gross

David Frost

Beverly Ploetz

J.L. Ault

Jody Randich

Kara Ussery

Mr. and Mrs. Leroy Pudvan 

Jacob Wachtman

Maxwell and Carolyn Moore

David Hartung

Sandy McGee

Don and Raylene Pefrey

Stephen and Robin Fordyce

Gold Club Patrons

Donald V. Accurso
Susan Spicer

Louise Watkins

Ernest and Gilda Muchmore

Ron and Robin Herzog

Thomas and Cynthia KIng

Dr. David and Sharon Harris

Glen and Jane Majors

Nicholas and Phyllis Poccia

Toni Rose and Joan Providenti

Daniel Vanderpool

James Stabler

George and Linda Knapp

Donald and Karen Wolnik

John Miller, in memory of Jim Gast

Silver Club Patrons

Melissa and Edward Rainous

Rebecca Bachman

Laurence Hirth

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The Southwestern Ohio Symphonic Band wishes to thank the many generous businesses, non-profit organizations, and individuals who make our concerts possible